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Finding the Best Garden Hose in 2018

Finding the best garden hose

Today with another garden hose episode of The Wiki Garden blog. In today's episode I'm going to do a product review it's a little bit different than normal so if you're not into product reviews this probably isn't the best blog for you but what I want to do is take some time to share with you something I use in the garden all the time and you know I'm sure we all do but there are some benefits to sometimes spending a little bit more money than always going with the absolute cheapest one you can buy.

So that's what I'm going to do today I'm going to share with you this hose I've had this other rubber hose here I've had this one for over rubber hose it was made by a tire company I believe it was Goodyear and it's held up have absolutely no problems no kinks you know nothing wrong with it and it's been going strong for over years

My Experience Buying Garden Hoses

My experience buying the best garden hose

I have bought cheaper garden hoses in the past they end up kinking a lot break in getting leaks the end the fittings are usually pretty weak all it takes is even just stepping on them sometimes and they're ruined. This hose I've had for downside I would say to it are the actual fittings that I'm on it just like other cheaper garden hoses it was their commercial grade. But like I said the fittings are a little bit cheaper on it and I don't think they hold up as long as this one here.

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Common Questions that Gardeners Have About Hoses

Common Questions that Gardeners Have About the Best Garden Hose

So I think it's a great little hose you guys for a long time like I said the fittings are nice and sturdy and I really like it I've been using it a while in the garden no problems with kinks or anything else and like I said my other rubber hose has lasted me bit more money it'll pay off in the long run instead of buying a bunch of cheap ones that only lasts you know a few months or six months or even a season because all that starts to add up pretty quick.

What is the Best Garden Hose in 2018?

What is the Best Garden Hose in 2018?

So what this one is you guys right here this is just the craftsman rubber garden hose it's 50 foot length and these fittings on here I mean I'll show ya I'll bring you give you a close-up but these things are very sturdy professional they're gonna hold up and you know you could probably drive over this thing with your car and it's probably not even going to dent it so it's got a lifetime warranty you guys I mean if you work or rent this out you know it can avoid the warranty but you're just the backyard gardener like myself you got a nice a lifetime warranty you can take it right back into your local Sears store and get them to take care of it for you.

Considerations When Buying a Garden Hose

Considerations When Buying the Best Garden Hose

So this is a little bit more expensive like I said than the average garden hose but the secret to this is going to their websites if you go to the Sears website up in the corner you'll find a little icon that says deal of the day and I've seen this thing on the deal of the day multiple times now and what you can do is you click on that little link it'll show you the deal of the day what's on sale and it'll also show you what tomorrow's deal of the day is so you'll see what's coming up and if you just log in frequently in check I've seen these up there on the deal of the day lots of different times.

You can get this hose instead of it being like 40 bucks you can get it for like that's what I did I ended up buying two of them for it is you have to do it online so you can't go into the store and they won't price match the online thing. I have no idea why but the tip for you guys is this go onto the website order it online and then you can select to pick it up in your local store and I even did it actually in the kiosks I just went in thinking they would price match and just give it to me for the same price as a deal of the day online and they wouldn't do it. 

So I ended up having to go to the little kiosk inside the store I ordered it use my credit card and selected pick up in store I selected the store I was in and about two minutes later I saw a guy walk out from the back grab two of the hoses and take them up to the desk so and I just basically walked up and picked. 


So that's a my review of the craftsman Sears rubber garden hose I like it and I'd say it's garden frugal approved so if you guys have an item that you just can't go without in the garden or a product you would like to see a review on or or something else that you just absolutely love that you can't garden without let me know post it in the comments below share it on the Facebook page I'd love to hear about it and if it's something good or you guys you know you need it I probably need it too I probably want it and who knows you might see a review on it coming up so I appreciate you guys coming please tell your friends about garden frugal and you guys know the drill until next time know your limit and grow within it alright guys take care