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If there’s one tool that can unite us all, from the weekend gardener to the horror movie star, it’s the chainsaw. Thanks to advancements in technology and a push to make our lives...

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If you’ve been searching through electric chainsaw reviews and trying to find one that suits your needs, you’re probably already feeling slightly overwhelmed. With literally hundreds...

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WORX Electric Chainsaw Review

If you find there’s always a job to do around the home or yard and you’re looking for a powerful tool to help get it done, you might have considered a chainsaw before. However, traditional chainsaws can be bulky at best, and often run on gas which...

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GreenWorks Corded Chainsaw Review

If you find yourself overwhelmed by a garden that seems to grow wilder by the second, you’ve probably realized by now that the average shearers or clippers just won’t cut it anymore. For a garden that needs a bit of extra power to handle it, you need to equip...

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OREGON CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Whether you regularly do work around the yard, farm, or workplace, and find that your standard chainsaw just isn’t getting the job done effectively, you might be on the lookout for something new. Many electric chainsaws don’t have as much...

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Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw

If you’ve got a garden full of trees and bushes and find them growing faster than you can manage, it can be an overwhelming feeling. You might find yourself spending hours each weekend trimming back branches and trees just to have them...

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