Expandable garden hose: 5 facts about them

These are the five facts you need to know about expandable garden hoses brought to you by The Wiki Garden.

Fact number 1: 2 layers of materials

Expandable hoses works using two layers of materials the outer layer is a woven fabric that protects the inner layer from damage the inner layer is a rubber tube that expands in response to water pressure the inner layer pushes on the outer one and the entire hose stretches and tracks number.

Fact number 2: Water pressure considerations

Water pressure is important to keep in mind when using an expandable hose most models can't withstand more than 200 psi luckily the average household doesn't pump out anything above 80 but you don't want the pressure to be too low either if it's under 40 psi the hoses won't expand to their full size see the most recently updated list of the best expandable garden hoses you can find so titties is Whitly or click beneath this video 

Fact number 3: A little bit about history

Hoses have been around for a long time the first primitive hoses were used by the ancient Greeks the Dutch improved upon the design in the hoses have evolved quite a bit they've been made out of everything from soap to canvas to rubber and until the advent of modern hoses most were bulky and easily damaged 

Fact number 4: Who was its inventor?

The expanding garden hose was invented in 20 Jersey inventor named Michael body working out of his own home he designed the two layer system that makes the device work he called his invention the X hose this innovation has been inspired many other brands of expanding hoses

Fact number 5: Inner layer

Expanding hoses don't have as many issues as other types of garden hoses their inner layer is extremely resistant to being torn or punctured so it's not very likely to spring a leak the design is also virtually kink proved Queen together as hard as you can and water will still flow through and of course storage is easier because it's smaller when not in use the most recently updated list of the best expandable garden hoses is exclusively available at The Wiki Garden.

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