Flexilla Hose vs Pocket Hose Stress Test

We just got done pouring a concrete sidewalk on this customers property goes from this alleyway here all the way to the front yard and I mean you've seen our other review about the Flexilla hose I noticed the customer had a pocket hose in their backyard and I've seen these before but on this particular job we're well ahead of the concrete and I have a chance to make a video and do a little review on the two of them so we actually didn't need our hose today I just dragged it all the way down the alley that's why like I said in the other video how it gets dragged across parking lots all day and has stood the test of time this is one of our actually two pieces of our original this is the customers pocket hose so two pieces versus one piece obviously it is smaller and I'll say right now you could probably bunch that up you could probably bunch that up and maybe stick it in something like a cargo pocket or maybe a sweatshirt front pocket but as far as as far as a normal front jean pocket or back jean pocket I don't think so let's talk about that more in a second Jackson wheelbarrow with the total control handles you now have a competitor made right here in Milwaukee sterling concrete masonry wheelbarrows I don't know much about it right now they have some fold overs on the on the tall before as the Jackson does not Jackson is bolted together here the Sterling is actually welded Jackson has an open axle and it's just a little dot crimp there to keep the axle from sliding out whereas this one actually has its actually a little metal plate here in front so could never walk out on you so far so good and Fisker shovels so far so good working awesome but back to the hose here so I wanted to make a review I dragged the pocket hose and I went and grabbed the Flex a lot of our job trailer and I want to compare it I was going to even turn the water on for you but I noticed something there's no hose in the ripped sleeve the customers hose this is just a regular residential house in Milwaukee Wisconsin it's just a regular little city lot kind of like I'll zoom in on the neighbors here just a regular city lot like that one how much use could this thing have possibly gotten and it's already burst and busted so I started looking through it and I found the innards pretty much reminds me of slingshot rubber it's stretchy like I can't use two hands right now but this thing feels like a Wimpy or even downgraded version of slingshot band where this is actually a hose that popped look at the size thickness difference between the Flex Zillah and the pocket hose and you can see that little this little tube that runs all the way down the Flex Zillah that's what keeps it from kinking I'm sure it is because it always allows no matter how flat it gets it always allows water to go through so even when it's like this water can still make its way through there and undo a kink even when it's not it up pretty good it still does a kink or undoes the kink versus this for crying out loud watch this I'm going to do a stress test in these hoses quick obviously I can't fill broken hoses with water unfortunately for you pocket hose oh let's let's before I do that let's talk about the ends here quick this is one it's been dragging on pavement since other one that burst or broke off I'm not sure can't remember but this one's been dragging on the pavement you can see the the threads are good inside it still seals up actually that one's missing a rubber inside but any hose has that fall off the outside part where the wrench goes is pretty much ground off from the years of dragging on this because this thing went through almost at the end of October look at this cheap crap this is just pure plastic pocket hose calm obviously this would never survive getting dragged across pavement so back to stress test for a comparison sake to what you may be what I am is could probably pick up three cement blocks if I had to all at once and I could for strength comparison maybe maybe bench light on this thing get these sleeves out of here I'm going to step on it and I'm going to pull upward with everything I got get a good grip here it just slides let's get two feet I'm hearing some scripts Oh that's about all I'm going to go for hurt something inside of me let's do the same thing right here same scenario let's try to get this set up the same way as you can see there's definitely a slingshot rubber in there because it returns it's not already broken one watch it's in there let's do the same thing let's get a good grip grab it one foot okay so I'm stretching it I just broke that sleeve like nothing let's get a better grip here oh yeah there it is pocket hose my ass so conclusion of the story is hose that has survived four brutal construction summers getting dragged across pavement and working on the job hose that hasn't survived one Milwaukee homeowner hose that can be repaired with five dollar fittings on the end wherever broke off a little hose that's going straight for the trash can that's my conclusion of the pocket hose versus Flex Villa under

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