Neverkink XP Contractor Hose Review: BEST WATER HOSE!

Neverkink contractor hose three-quarter inch for extra heavy water flow 500 psi rated high burst rated USA made lifetime warranty it's good to know this thing is about 60 70 bucks or so this is kind of overkill for the average homeowner but if you're a contractor if you work on job sites as I do this is perfect so you've got a what you need to do with it for a pretty good distance a nice mesh window you can see your water flow in there this thing is super heavy but I can tell it's heavy duty so I'm excited to use it luminol couplings spring protect the ends pretty cool right now I'm going to throw on the guard night all-metal construction sprayer do a couple little tests around the yard and everything with it and I will let you know how it turns out I think it'll be nice though now one thing the first time you turn this thing on and actually start using it don't just blast the water on full spray the first time kind of break in those a little bit slowly turn on the nozzle and let the water go go in there and break in the hose and make sure it's couple down obviously a lot of people blow their hoses that way not being careful the first time and breaking in those that's why I see the pictures on Amazon with people that have blown their hoses and reviews and stuff like that but if you're smart take care of you shouldn't have any issues but we'll see I'll let you know if I have any different experiences but yeah you get these at Lowe's I think like 60 70 bucks or something like that but I'm going to try it out do a couple little tasks and I'll let you know how ghosts here's the best way to store these those kind of snifter a real you want hang them on a thing like this just fine kind of overkill to wash the front Rick sure does look nice right mainland Oh still holding up well eleven no complaint your wall [Music] yeah I love the house well clean the beach full cartridge filters yeah mother.

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