Sprout a Sofa: How to Grow Your Own Grass Couch [Ryan]

Imagine how beautiful it would be to sit on your lawn on a nice sunny day to enjoy the beautiful view. There are various kinds of lawn furniture that are available in the market but they could be expensive and may not live up to your expectations. There’s no need to spend dozens of hours at a virtual library learning about biology and furniture design because today we’re going to give you the ultimate guide to sprout a sofa on your own and build your own lawn furniture.

There are few steps involved in growing a sod couch which you would be able to flaunt amongst your family and friends also would add spark to your garden. It requires few things that you would need to build your beautiful DIY lawn couch, we suggest you make a note of the items and keep them all handy before building your sod couch.

To start, you would need to build a base, and for that, you need a shovel, bricks, stones, paper bricks, and cardboard. You would also need garden soil to fill the base and make the couch firm. The last and most important thing required to make this lawn furniture is sod. Sod, as you know, is the surface of the soil on which you can see the grass growing or you could use grass seed.

These things are all readily available in hardware stores and the like, so you could easily get your hands on them next time you’re out and about or the next time you’re shopping online!

Step 1: Construct the Base

As they say, the foundation should always be strong, and same applies for our lawn furniture as well. This is the first and initial step to build your own sod couch. We suggest you that you make up your mind as to how you want your furniture to look like. If you want you can make small chairs and a center table or you could build a complete huge sofa where you can seat your entire family and friends. Anything that would be ideal for your needs and your lawn is possible to construct.

Remember the materials we shared with you above you would need to build your base along with it and grow a sod couch.

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You need to dig the soil and make an even level area to start building your furniture. You could even build a soil sculpture with your hands or use the shovel. There are many materials available in the market like interlocking cardboard and bricks etc to make the base of your couch. But we would suggest you make use of the bricks or paper bricks because other materials can break down naturally over the time but bricks would stay constant. Using bricks could also keep the quality of the sofa consistent for a very long period of time.

Start lining up the bricks to give shape to your furniture, create some height, seats, armrests and a backrest for the sofa. Use bricks to build your table as well, lay down the bricks to form a sculpture of the furniture. In this step, you can use your imagination as much as possible and be as creative as you can. As this is the base of your DIY lawn couch you may refer to a pattern to lay down the bricks and make sure that you draw up a rough image of your couch.

We would say take as much time as you need to complete this step as the base would determine how your furniture would turn out to be. Make sure you get a rough image of your furniture before move on to the next step. Whatever type of furniture you are trying to build you need to make sure to lay down the bricks or mold the solid accordingly.

Step 2: Plaster the Base

After you have successfully created the base of your furniture, the next step you would have to follow is to plaster the brick base. To complete this step you would require the second material on your list that is garden soil. It is readily available online or you could get it from your lawn or your neighbour’s lawn or in a nearby gardening shop too.

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You need to plaster the base with the soil, now you can’t just start pouring soil on the base. First, you would have to add some water to the soil but remember not to add a lot of water as it would spoil the plaster for you. You don’t have to make it very watery, make a thick consistent paste to cover the base. Once the water has been added start covering the furniture’s brick base with this soil mixture. Cover all the edges and all the parts of the brick with the soil as a thick soil layer over it.

Covering the base is a very simple step yet it requires a lot of attention because if you make the soil too runny then it would take a lot of time for it to settle and it could result in wastage of the product too. Start pouring your solution on to your base and let it sit for sometime before you jump on to your next step. Use your hand to cover the base as it would leave very little chance to miss out on a spot.

While doing this remember that this is your own furniture that you are building and you and your close ones would be sitting on it. So make sure that while you are at it, you don’t miss any spots or areas. So if you want to you can spread two or more layers of soil on the base, as this would make the furniture more comfortable and you could sit on it for longer hours.

If you are using just the soil base then you don’t need to cover it with soil again as it would be a completely unnecessary step because the base has been created with soil and there is no point layer it up with soil again.

Smoothen the layer of the soil after covering the base so if there are any lumps or uneven surface it can be evened out easily and also the next step could be done with ease.

Step 3: Let the Sod Roll

This is the final step of your DIY lawn couch, this step can be completed in two ways whichever suits you the best. The first way would be to cut the sod in pieces and lay it down on the furniture base that you have created in the first and second step. You would have to use the sod that you purchased from a store of your choice or you can either cut it on your own.

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To cut the sod you would have to be very careful as you need to make sure that you don’t cut too deep inside the soil or the roots would be destroyed. If you are aware of the process then you could get it on your own but if you don’t want to go through the hassle then sod is easily available on the market.

Lay down the sod on your furniture base and make sure to lay it down correctly, because if you miss out on places then the final product might turn out be clumsy or unattractive. It is an easy procedure so you won’t have to worry too much about it.

After you lay down the sod, your furniture building is complete and all you have to do is to water your sod daily for the next couple of weeks so as the roots sit in properly and your grass can grow naturally on it. We would suggest you refrain from sitting on the furniture for initial two to three days as it might destroy the grassroots and also the base wouldn’t be very strong in the initial days.

Like we said there are two ways to finish off this step the second way would be to grow your own grass. If you are someone who has a passion for gardening and has a lot of time on your hands then you could also sow some grass seeds into the soil and let nature take its course. This is obviously going to take some time but you could see your couch or furniture grow in front of your eyes —and trust me, it’s a beautiful process, too.

Just like all the other products, you can find grass seeds in a gardening store or you could purchase it online. All you have to do is water the soil and beautiful fresh grass would grow along with your furniture. With this step, your sod couch is ready and just let it rest for a few days to become firm and then you can sit and relax on it.

Step 4: Decorate It!

This is a completely optional step and it’s completely upon you whether or not you want to follow it. You can add definition to your furniture by adding some decorations on it. You don’t have to go crazy with the decorations but you can do little things like adding a cute cushion on the sides of the couch or on the chairs.

You could add a flower vase or fix a showpiece at the center of your grass table and whenever you have guests over it would be there adding grace to your furniture. But like we said this is completely optional if you want to it be all natural. Without using any expensive or inorganic products you can enjoy your furniture.

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Growing a sod couch isn’t a difficult process at all, and with the right equipment and techniques that we shared with you today, you could build your sod couch in just a few hours too. We hope that you liked our tutorial and we request you to share what you think and also share this tutorial with your friends and give them a chance to grow their sod couch naturally.

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